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Why choose OWEXX Hosting and what
services do we offer?

OWEXX Hosting offers all online related services: domain registration,
server leasing, website development, WEB design solutions, etc.
Here you will certainly find the most appropriate service plan.

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About Us

We believe that everything starts with an idea. Quality and benefit to the client are two of the most important things for us. We are the company that has been providing data registration, server leasing, website development and web design solution services for already 20 years. The main goal of our activity is to provide all services necessary for the successful online business development and starting up of a new business on the Internet. We implement a wide range of projects - from domain registration in many countries all around the world to the implementation of complicated Internet projects.


The experienced WEB designers, HTML coders, programmers, digital graphics developers and other specialists employed in our company are true experts in their respective areas and they dedicate the exceptional attention to each project. Taking into consideration the expectations of our clients and by providing our own suggestions, we will implement any presented idea and turn your wishes into reality!


OWEXX hosting

From an individual blogger to a large international company,
we will streamline the online administration and services for our client.

about OWEXX hosting servises

Domain management and B2B services.
We have a vast variety of service packages and any small, medium, large or international company will find an appealing service plan for its online business development and data hosting. Our services are designed in a way that our client, the owner of a company, would be able to manage owned domains conveniently, safely upload and collect data online, would be certain about the protection of owned trademark and the quality of other provided services.

We provide services that are one of the best in the market.
In our company we employ experienced, advanced technology experts who supervise domain registration and management services.

Domain name strategy and website security solutions.
We provide advice to website owners on such matters as choosing of a domain, domain trademark registration and website security. We offer SSL certificates and domain trademark patent services.

Complete domain services.
We offer more than 3,000 domain extensions and internationalized domain names (IDNs), including domain registration, domain renewal, modification and transfer services.