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We use cookies on OWEXX websites.
We provide information on what types of cookies are used, what functions they perform and how to remove them.

Cookies - what are they?

The vast majority of browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. It is possible to disable the acceptance of cookies in the browser, but doing so loses the functions of the websites that are necessary for the intended operation of the website (for example, it is no longer possible to display what is added to the shopping cart). All detailed information about cookies is available at Here are instructions on how to make the changes you want in different browsers. To remove cookies from your smart device, it is necessary to read its user manual, as these requirements may vary depending on the model, operating system and browser.

Types of cookies

Required cookies: This type of cookie is necessary for browsing the website and using its functions, such as establishing a secure connection, purchasing products, adding them to the shopping cart, etc.

Performance cookies: This type of cookie is used to collect information about visitors, such as analyzing which pages are most frequently visited, whether error messages were displayed to visitors, and so on. You should be aware that performance-enhancing cookies do not collect information that could identify a website visitor. The information collected by this type of cookie is general, anonymous, and used to optimize website performance.

Functional cookies: This type of cookie allows the website to remember information about the user (eg visitor's country, browser language, etc.). Memorized information is used to personalize functions and to display targeted information that is relevant to this visitor. Functional cookies cannot track browsing on other websites, also, this type of cookie information can be made anonymous.

Targeted, or promotional, cookies: These cookies are used to personalize the ads that are displayed in order to meet the visitor's interests. Targeted cookies can be used to control the number of impressions and limit the display of your ad, and to analyze your campaign performance (such as the ratio of clicks to impressions).


Name - "FJ_Cookie_Informed", function - cookies to remember them for the user's choice, shelf life - 180 days.
Name - "PHPSESSID", function - for cart functions and login, storage period - until the end of the session.
Name - livezilla, function - real-time assistance to the visitor, storage - until the end of the session.
Name - Google (analytics and adsense) cookies: "ADSENSE", "CONSENT", "AID", "DV", "GAPS", "NID", "OGPC", "S", "SNID", "__utma", "__ga" feature - Google cookies are used to analyze user traffic and actions. Retention Period - Determined by Google.
Name - soc. network Facebook cookies: "datr", "fr", "lu", "reg_fb_gate", "reg_fb_ref", "sb", function - cookies are used to represent favorite OWEXX Facebook soc. account profile photos and quantity. Shelf life - determined by soc. network Facebook.
Name - "CID", "UID", "C", function - plugin for adaptive forms, storage - until the end of the session.
Name - YouTube cookies: "CONSENT", "PREF", "VISITOR_INFO01_LIVE", "YSC", "_GA", function - for Youtube plugin operation, video material display in the project. Retention Period - Sets Youtube.