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Each specific country has its own domain ending (Country-Code Top Level Domain, ccTLD) usually consisting of 2-3 letters. In addition, each domain ending has its own predefined registration, launch and recovery procedures. In some cases, there are multiple domains per country, for example .uk and Usually, these second-level or third-level domains are related to government organizations, military, commerce, etc. Some ccTLDs are unrestricted and available for anyone to register. However, most domain endings are under the requirement to have a local representative of the domain in the country to register its name. The registration procedure of second-level or third-level domains is more complicated. For example, ccTLD domain ending has some very specific requirements and many restrictions as future domain user must satisfy the requirements applicable for both .gov and .ng domains.

Once you have found the country of your interest and its ccTLD, click on the ccTLD domain ending to open the information on everything there is to know about the registration of the domain name.

247Domain Name Extensions
South American Domains
.gf€ 320,00
.sr - Suriname€ 115,89
.pe - Peru€ 62,89€ 231,69
.gy - Guyana€ 49,89
.ec - Ecuador€ 245,00
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Oceanian Domains
.pf - French Polynesia€ 159,00
.as€ 194,50€ 405,18
.nz€ 32,00 € 57,08
.pw€ 34,75
.pn - Pitcairn Islands€ 318,29
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