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WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is the perfect choice for those who intend to use WordPress design template.
Choose this hosting plan and upload information into your website easily and quickly.
The price of WordPress hosting starts from € 0,38 / month

Standard WordPress Hosting

4,04/ Mo. € 6,19

Perfect for personal websites or blogs.

  • Disk capacity 10 GB
  • Number of websites 1
  • ~25,000 visitors per month
  • Free SSL Certificate

Extended WordPress Hosting

5,99/ Mo. € 9,00

More websites. More capacity. More security.

  • Disk capacity 25 GB
  • Number of websites 5
  • ~500,000 visitors per month
  • Free SSL Certificate

WordPress Hosting for Web Developers

10,57/ Mo. € 13,51

Professional WordPress plan for website developers.

  • Disk capacity 50 GB
  • Number of websites 10
  • ~1.000,000 visitors per month
  • Free SSL Certificate

All prices are without VAT.

What Is WordPress Hosting?
How To Choose The Most Appropriate Plan?

WordPress hosting is an ordinary hosting designed to upload information in a WordPress format and optimized to meet the specific performance and security needs of WordPress. Usually, it includes pre-installed single-click technique for easy and quick management, upgrades, back-ups, security and assistance in case of any questions.

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WordPress Hosting
WordPress Hosting

WordPress has become increasingly popular and this resulted in a need for the specialised hosting service. As evident from the title, WordPress hosting is designed for the purposes of WordPress websites only. Everything is being run by the application installed on the server, so you won’t have to get your hands dirty.

This type of hosting is similar to dedicated server. The service comes with pre-installed necessary software and is leased to one individual client. This differs from the dedicated server as here the daily server management and maintenance is performed by the hosting service provider’s team, which specializes in WordPress blogs and knows the principles of operation and is familiar with the related innovations.


Shared web hosting is not the best option for WordPress website hosting due to various reasons. Most importantly, this web hosting may be divided to thousands of other users, thus, some disruptions may arise in your website if something happens to the neighbour’s part of the server.

WordPress hosting services are slightly more expensive than those of the ordinary hosting, but if you are a small or medium-sized company, or your website is heavily visited, we recommend considering automatically managed hosting services. This will enable you to save time which could be spent on other important business matters.



WordPress Websites

Once WordPress websites had spread all around the world, creative designers started developing complicated and beautiful website projects. Professional and elegant looking websites are incredibly easy integratable into the WordPress hosting. They are easily manageable, it is easy to upload and update texts there, upload pictures, install e-payment, etc. WordPress templates are the perfect solution for beginner small or medium-sized companies and bloggers not willing to pay for the development of a totally new and original website design. By leasing a WordPress template, you can set up an attractive business website by yourself!

We have created a library of WordPress templates where you will find website designs customized for your business, blog or hobby.



WordPress Free Websites