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Dedicated Servers

We offer professional dedicated server services which include: dedicated server for your individual webpage, e-mail, etc., 24/7 real-time server and service maintenance, installation of server updates and back-up copies, optimisation of webpage opening time.
We will ensure that while the traffic of the visitors grows, the pages of your webpage will open with a maximum speed. We will remove failures within the shortest time possible and will constantly monitor the operation of your webpage/server.
The price of dedicated server starts from € 74,99 / month

Dedicated Server DS-1

74,99/ Mo. € 79,99
  • Intel Xeon core - 1
  • 50 Mbps bandwidth
  • 25 GB disk capacity
  • RAM 2 GB memory

Dedicated Server DS-2

104,99/ Mo. € 109,99
  • Intel Xeon core - 1
  • 50 Mbps bandwidth
  • 50 GB disk capacity
  • RAM 4 GB memory

Dedicated Server DS-3

164,99/ Mo. € 169,99
  • Intel Xeon cores - 2
  • 100 Mbps bandwidth
  • 100 GB disk capacity
  • RAM 8 GB memory

Dedicated Server DS-4

264,99/ Mo. € 269,99
  • Intel Xeon cores - 4
  • 100 Mbps bandwidth
  • 200 GB disk capacity
  • RAM 12 GB memory

All prices are without VAT.

What Are Virtual Dedicated Servers?

The services of virtual dedicated servers with the integrated maintenance service are dedicated for major projects which require constant monitoring. Leave your worries to us.

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server is a separate physical server dedicated for the individual user with full console system and intended to complex projects. Usually, these services are acquired by the companies that plan to sell hosting or VDS services as these servers are way more efficient and more powerful than the virtual ones.

One of the main reasons to choose dedicated server is that in this case the user is able to manage the server by 100 % and customize the applications for his/her individual needs.


The other reason is hardware resources. A study carried out by Google showed that 53 % of visitors tend to leave the webpage if its opening time exceeds 3 seconds, and this results in a loss of direct revenue. As a consequence, the reach of the visitors decreases as well as the possibility that they will come back to browse or shop in a slow webpage. The resources of virtual servers are divided to several clients at the same time and may consist of one or several physical servers, thus, this may result in possible performance fluctuations. Whereas the resources of dedicated servers are assigned to only one client and, therefore, you can reach maximum efficiency!